We believe in Yield

We support asset owners in creating liquidity by delivering to the market products which meet the needs of investors more

Liquidity is King

Investor appetite is at an unprecedented high for secure, high yield investment opportunities. The Principal Liquidity Group is at the forefront of innovation in identifying opportunities for generating liquidity events. Using standard capital markets instruments, the Principal Liquidity Group works with both high cash flow businesses to release value and transfer risk and also with investor groups sourcing opportunities to create high yield investment products. Our partners include some of the best names in the market for tax, legal, and operational excellence. Syndication and origination are not the preserve of big banks. The exciting opportunities for real asset investors to achieve yield with security have never been better. The Principal Liquidity Group sets a new standard in the market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are a family office, corporate adviser, high net worth financial adviser, or niche investment manager. to explore ways in which we can deliver outstanding value to your clients (target clients may include pension funds, family offices, shari'ah, HNWI).

Asset Backed

  • Trade Finance
  • Real Assets
  • Sukuk al murabaha
  • Development Finance
  • Business Assets
  • IPR and Royalties
  • Factoring/Forfaiting
  • Commodity Finance
  • Rental Property
  • P2P
  • Loans and Debentures
  • Asset Repackaging


We believe in Yield

We support asset owners in creating liquidity by delivering to the market products which meet the needs of investors.

We are adept at working with both traditional and non-traditional asset types and structures. The raising of liquidity at competitive rates, risk transfer, and the distribution of debt securities under our Liquidity Generation Programme where we deliver real value. Investor demand for yield and tradable securities (for their own cashflow management) has never been higher. Government and corporate bonds have been through too many shocks. We source and project management on behalf of the asset owners real asset value for investors. Pension funds, trusts, charities, sukuk, family offices have been neglected by second rate products. We help close that gap.

By combining financial skills with technical experience, we are able to maximise the benefits of liquidity and risk transfer to our clients. We focus on the particular needs of each client. We do not push pre-set solutions. We aim simply to help companies achieve their set objectives at the lowest costs, while preserving the highest level of flexibility.

We deliver proven expertise at every stage of the capital raising process, from origination to structuring, to deal execution. Harnessing our extensive syndicate network and relationship with major investors, we look to arrange debt issues of almost any scale within a client's preferred timeframe.

Most important of all, we support clients with professional advisory support, guiding clients on the most appropriate structure, maturity and timing to help them achieve competitive funding, and to diversify their investor base.

Clients benefit from a dynamic approach to solution building that enables transactions to be completed in challenging timeframes – while ensuring full due diligence and assessment of potential risks and opportunities.

Key Features

  • Collateralised
  • Credit Enhanced
  • Secured
  • Senior and Mezz Tranches
  • Retail or Wholesale
  • Regular Valuations
  • EAD and ECB Eligible
  • Transferable Securities
  • Transparent Structures
  • Range of Currencies
  • Listed or Unlisted
  • Rated or Unrated
  • English Law Trust Structure
  • Regulated Market Participants
  • Placement Services
  • Origination and Structuring Support

Transactional Expertise

Realised liquidity strategies across a wide range of assets.

  • Reinsurance
  • Insurance Linked Securities
  • Shipping
  • Trade Receivables
  • Commoditiy Finance
  • Property Finance
  • Structured Equity

PLG team has advised and participated in the structuring, syndication, and/or origination of a wide range of transactions over the past 25 years, creating liquidity for originators and offering unique structured returns for investors. We employ a rigourous approach to the process and do not impose the same difficulties as dealing with a bank. We support the ICMA for simple securitisations.

Liquidity and risk transfer create opportunities

Pricing in the market is very exciting for those looking to transfer risk into the capital markets in exchange for cash. Grow your business now. Investors can price risk.

Investors can make calculated decisions about the cost of risk. Capital market forces set prices and the demand is there for quality real assets. With a focus on yield, the team at the Principal Liquidity Group can deliver investable solutions which meet the demands of investors and real asset owners. If the banks do not want to create liquidity for the market, others will.

Opportunities for UHNWI and small institutions

Banks played a role in providing liquidity to the market. This has changed. This is the opportunity

It is hardly worth summarising how the world has changed in the last 10 years. Real assets generate positive cash flow. Real assets have tangible and realisable value. Financial institutions have dominated this space making millions for the structuring teams. Why should they have all the good investments opporutnities and leave expensive mutual funds to everyone else?

Principal Liquidity Group in a nutshell

We provide a solution platform for real assets to be delivered to the debt capital markets to meet investor demand.

Principal Liquidity Group (PLG) can arrange and service a range of alternative financing and liquidity structures across a number of sectors and involving multiple asset classes through its proprietary structured debt issuance programme (including the issue and placement of rated or unrated but listed high yield paper).

In this day and age given the credit and liquidity squeeze as a result of the fallout arising from the global financial crisis, alternatives to traditional bank lending are a key part of a companies competitive strategy to grow and be able to meet its liquidity and funding requirement. This is where PLG can provide the highest quality service . PLG has the vision and corporate responsibility to play a vital role in the rebuilding and the reshaping of the credit and liquidity markets of the future PLG can deliver clients a range of alternative funding arrangements and create liquidity by accessing investors through normal market instruments.

Legal Certainty

We have sought out the best "purpose built" legislation to protect investors. Legal certainty over investments is significantly higher in liquidity and risk transfer opportunities because of the trustee and bankruptcy remote protection afforded to investors. Traditional mutual fund or listed company investments expose investors to manager risk, management team spend, and the corporate risk associated with running a business. We ensure that invetors are protected from these risks and as such can better gauge the price and opportuity cost of investing in real assets which deliver yield transparently. Tax neutrality is also key and investors benefit from no tax leakage at the source of their investments; seek advice for your own personal situation as we do not give tax advice of any sort.

Read more about the key criteria when considering the issuance of debt securities.

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