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PLG Deliver a range of alternative funding arrangements and source liquidity.

Liquidity is King

Principal Liquidity Group Helps Investors and Originators realize liquidity through tradable securities.

Through our relationships, we deliver a range of alternative funding arrangements and source liquidity through Eurobond issuance.

We provide you with a truly flexible, fungible, and easy to use securities issuance programme drawing expertise from London, Luxembourg, and Singapore.

Taking a boutique approach we can deliver bespoke securities into the capital markets. We consider the balance between secondary market pricing, distribution needs, and the sponsor’s business objectives to devise a security strategy that is both compliant and profitable for all.

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For Investors

Find out how we can provide you with liquid, tradable, securitized investments.


For Originators

Find out how we can source liquidity from the market as an alternative to traditional bank loans.



PLG, as project manager and consultant, focuses on bringing various product deals to market on a regular basis so you can access a pipeline of bonds linked to various underlying asset pools.

These will range from debt IPOs or debt securities to smaller bespoke bonds.

PLG provide a product consultancy service for both for potential issuers of Bonds (Origintors) and for investors and their advisers-seeking stable sources of income/yield (SOY) as investors in the bonds.

PLG focus is on bringing debt securities-which is in essence simply the other side of the investment coin-that are backed by proven management with successful trach records. The big difference is the focus will be on asset backed issuance NOT simply balance sheet reliant Corporate bonds.

PLG is neither the issuer nor the Sponsor.

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What are asset backed securities?

Due to market and economic structural changes eg low interest rates, lack of liquidity / credit, inflation linked bonds with negative yields, extreme equity and Government bond volatility decimating pension values – our older clients are struggling to meet their pension needs and find a secured low risk stable source of income, into and beyond their retirement.

There is now available a “THIRD WAY” FOR wealth managers, asset gatherers and FINANCIAL ADVISORS - a stable Source Of Yield (SOY) and Income for pensions and retirement planning. It is an asset class called Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

Find out more about Asset Backed Securities in the FAQ section of our blog.

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How we work

Principal Liquidity Group (PLG) is an independent securities issuance programme manager focused exclusively on Eurobond solutions; using liquid, tradable securities to meet the needs of family offices, private wealth advisers, private banks, institutional investors, pension funds, trustees, and fund managers.

The core team behind PLG has a background in running their own product development operations including authorized fund management (UCITs and non-UCITs) and securities issuance. We have broad practical experience in successfully delivering multi-asset, alternative strategies to the corporate, trust, and high net worth investment markets.

For Investors

We work with:

  • Insurance companies
  • Mutual funds
  • Pension funds
  • ETFs/Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Other specialty investors

Providing a range of fully compliant, liquid and tradable investment opportunities providing a sustainable yield.

For Originators

PLG provides solutions for:

  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Risk Transfer
  • Offshore Fund Distribution
  • Private Client Portfolios
  • Project Fundraising
  • Asset Transformation Programme™

We work with you to securitize these assets and bring them to market, providing the value added services of compliance, sourcing of administration, cash management and more.


Earl Rivers +44 7949 773 299

London -- Malta -- Sweden -- Luxembourg -- Singapore

For enquiries, Principal Liquidity Group, 46a Av Kennedy, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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